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Steadfast Plumbing’s Pipe Lining service is your simple, money-saving, no-dig solution for repairing or replacing cracked, broken, leaking or root infested pipes, such as damaged residential sewer lines. Our San Fernando Valley pipe lining service can also be used to even out or smooth rough bends and joints within your pipe system. Because our service provides a “no-dig” system, we can save you money by sparing you the expensive costs of excavation. Canoga Park pipe lining services are often less expensive than more traditional open-trench or excavation methods.Pipe lining also improves the physical condition and longevity of your system. This process stops corrosion, roots infestation, and improves flow capacity.

As a homeowner, if your home is more than 10 years old, it’s a safe bet that the damage caused by cracks, breaks, leaks or root intrusion is probably already in progress. Keep an eye out for common symptoms such of pipe corrosion. Telltale signs of pipe corrosion include stains on sinks and tubs, poor water flow, odors, discolored water, or continuous sewage back ups.

Common causes for damage are tree root intrusion, water erosion or corrosion, hard water, surface collected or soft water, and aged copper or galvanized plumbing systems.

Save money today by using Steadfast Plumbing’s San Fernando Valley pipe lining service to rehabilitate instead of excavateyour system. Once you factor in time, labor, materials, permit fees, and other miscellaneous costs, excavations are extremely expensive! Our pipe lining service will not disrupt your day-to-day operations, or interrupt the use and enjoyment of your home due to hours of loud excavating equipment, sectioning off portions of your property, and dangerous mess. Once the pipe lining is complete, our Canoga Park pipe lining experts will leave zero sign of repair or property damage. Steadfast Plumbing’s pipe lining can be scheduled 24/7 around the clock.

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